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Meet Adriana

Adriana became a hatha yoga teacher in 2017. Two years ago she discovered a newfound passion for golf. Determined to integrate her love for yoga with her growing interest in golf, Adriana embarked on a journey to leverage the benefits of yoga to enhance her game, mobility and overall well-being. Adriana recently set up a new instagram page named Yogi_on_the_Green which documents her journey with golf and how she strives to find harmony both on the mat and on the golf course.


  • Table Top position: Start on all fours. Hands and arms are shoulder distance apart. Gaze a few inches in front of hands. Neck is long and in – line with the spine.
  •  Cat – Cow pose: Made up of two poses gently flowing into each other. Starting in a table top position, On an exhale round your spine up towards the ceiling, pull your bellybutton up towards your spine. Tuck your chin into your chest. Imagine that you are pushing the floor away with your hands. Then on an Inhale reach the chin and tailbone upwards, let your stomach fall towards the floor and your back arch. Continue flowing back and forth between the two poses.
  • Low Lunge variation: Make sure that your knee is stacked on top of the ankle. Hips are squared to the front of the mat and engage your glutes. Untuck toes at the back.

High Lunge with bounce variation: Tuck the toes at the back. Bring the knee up if this is available to you. Hands to the floor, use blocks or a book if you are unable to reach the floor. Gently bounce to loosen out the hips.

Low Lunge with rotation: Start in a regular low lunge position, interlace fingers and place them behind your head. Engage glutes and stomach to assist with balance and stability. Inhale and with an exhale rotate the upper body to one side. Inhale to centre and exhale to the other side and repeat. Try to keep your legs and hips steady.

Child’s pose: Big toes touching, knees wide, bring your bottom back towards your heels, stretch your arms in front of you. Palms flat on the mat, walk your fingers forward to get a bigger stretch. Rest your forehead on the mat.

Thread the needle: This is our shoulder stretch. Start in a Table Top position. With an Inhale reach your right arm up and with an exhale slide your right arm underneath your left arm. Let your shoulder and your right ear rest on the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.