Sharon Smurfit!

Embracing her passion for sports, she embarked on a journey into the world of golf in her 30s. Every game brings challenges and Sharon loves a challenge. Going from a 36 handicapper to 10 in a short time, not only did the game interest Sharon, but the golf industry as a whole did too.  With that, Sharon joined The K Club where she learnt that this industry was for her.  She got to meet people, work with members and committees and dealing with teams of employees.  

Sharon embarked on the path of education with the CMAE (Club Managers Association of Europe) where she obtained her Club Managers Diploma.  “Pretty good for someone who never went to college” says Sharon!  

Now, Sharon is on a mission to help Clubs that may have no manager and guide them for short periods of time to seek the best the club can offer.  She is also passionate about informing golfers about what is happening in the golf world.  Join her newsletter now here and her Facebook group be first to hear about all the news.  There is more exciting stuff to come. 

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With over a decade of dedicated service as Director of Golf at The K Club, her professional path AND HER CAREER is etched with remarkable achievements.

Sharon has contributed significantly to the success of numerous major events, notably including the prestigious 2016 Irish Open. Sharon was on the Board of Elm Park Golf Club, was Lady Captain in The K Club and has sat on many golf committees including the Club Managers Association of Ireland and currently sits on the Elm Park Ladies Committee.  This experiences which comes from proprietary and member clubs further enriched her industry insights.

Today, she leverages her extensive experience to offer support and guidance to golf clubs, organisations and Club Managers. Her mission revolves around empowering these clubs to deliver utmost excellence and satisfaction to their members and visitors. Through her wealth of expertise, she aims to promote clubs and their events, ensuring their visibility to a broader audience.

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Irish Open K Club 2016

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