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There are many options nowadays for club memberships.  Not only can you join your local club, you can join some clubs that are miles away from you just to gain a handicap. 

I would, however, recommend that you find a club as close to your home as possible as if you have to travel too far, you may find a good enough excuse not to play.

There are few things I would look for when joining a club:  

  1. Firstly get a tour of the club and their locker room facilities.  Check they will be able to provide a locker for you.
  2. Check out the Food & Beverage facilities and check when they are open throughout the year.  Some may close in the winter months. 
  3. Ask about current Membership numbers in your category. 
  4. Ask how many competitions they have & the entry fees (could add up over time)
  5. Enquire if there is there a good junior section (If you have kids)
  6. Check what social functions are held throughout the year
  7. See if there are any added benefits for you to join the club. 
  8. Ask how does the club communicate with its members and how often! 
  9. What practice facilities are there and is there a professional on site to give lessons if required.
  10. Are there any membership perks? (discounts in shop, resort etc)
  11. Ask what is the structure of the club. This will depend on whether it is a Member’s Club or Proprietary Club – structures for club committees can vary greatly between the two.  
  12. And most importantly what is the cost, is there a levy or entrance fee.  See if the membership price has increased over the last few years as may give you an indication if further increases could happen.

It can be quite daunting joining a new club so make sure you ask if the committees organise welcome evenings or an Information evening.

As soon as you join, start playing and entering the competitions. The more people see your name down on a timesheet the better.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like.  Message me if you have any questions or need some advice on Club Membership.