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Honestly I don’t know what sport I would be doing now if I didn’t golf, probably none to be honest.  Why do I love golf so much?  Well my first reason is the friendships that I have made over the years and they will be friends for life.  Secondly, It is a game that doesn’t distinguish between young or old, elite or regular golfer, expensive clubs or off the shelf clubs – the beauty about golf is that we are all playing the same game, by the same rules and all in the same spirit.

Golf is challenging but rewarding.  Have a great round one day and go out the next with a mountain of confidence and knock the first shot down off the tee.  It can bring you right back to reality in one swing.

Golf clubs are community driven, they bring a sense of belonging for members where they can come and make use of the practice facilities, play a few holes or just sit in the clubhouse and read the paper.  

The other reason I love golf so much is that you can always improve your game.  There are many ways to do this: lessons, practice, healthy eating, fitness and more practice!

I love the idea that we can deck ourselves out in the current fashion trends or just pick up some clothes in a sports shop or most department stores.  Golf doesn’t have to be an expensive game once you are up and running.  The early investment comes from buying the clubs but check out online golf club re-sellers or ask your pals as like me, I am sure they all have a stack of clubs at home.

I enjoy playing in team events especially fun casual ones.  I am competitive when it comes to club matches, more so against other clubs rather than in my own club.  Do I have any objectives for my game in 2024?  Not really to be honest, I just enjoy playing. I lost 3 shots last year after winning the Vice Captains in Elm Park with a whopping 46 points – a bit of an out of body experience!

If you are a committee, a board or in an officers position this year, just enjoy the year and remember, you are only in office for a short time, you are volunteering and don’t forget to enjoy your golf.